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Your commitment to serve doesn’t have to end when your military service ends. Reignite your call of duty in a career that honors the values revered in every branch of our military. Respect. Honor. Commitment to community. Deploy your talents in a mission-driven career within the funeral service profession. Enlist in a new journey that offers purpose and possibilities.

The Journey to Serve program is a joint effort of the ICCFA Educational Foundation and the Funeral Service Foundation to encourage military veterans to pursue employment within funeral service.

The Bailey Family Funeral Homes are proud to embrace this program. We have a long history of veteran employment and ownership. We invite veterans to apply for employment opportunities with our firms.

Veterans Have Skills We Seek

While serving in the military you learned valuable skills and life lessons. You have attributes that are both desired and admired in the workplace. Take the next step in your career and consider joining the funeral service profession – one that rewards hard work, trust, empathy, and a deep compassion for others. 

Veterans Understand the Importance of Mission

If you’re a veteran of the armed forces, you know what it’s like to work hard, focus on a mission, and tackle multiple challenges every day. You also have a knack for making people feel respected and heard. A career in the funeral service profession calls for these skills and involves rewarding teamwork as you guide families through challenging times. 

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