A Year in Grief Videos

The first year after a death provides unique challenges to most people. Navigating life during that time provides a series of struggles, questions and confusion about how one is "supposed" to feel. 

We are honored to present this series of 11 brief videos by our friend Doug Manning. Doug will discuss some of the common and normal issues that may come up over the course of your first year. 

They are presented sequentially to walk with you on this path of grief. Watch them in order, watch the ones that speak to where you are, watch all of them together—you decide what is best for you.  You may wish to come and revisit some of them at another time in the future as well.

It is our hope that they provide some help along the journey.

Part One Don't Take My Grief Away from Me

Part Two Grief is Like Peeling an Onion

Part Three Permission to Grieve

Part Four The Journey of Grief

Part Five No Magic Words

Part Six Depression and Grief

Part Seven Anger and Grief

Part Eight Establishing Significance Level 1

Part Nine Establishing Significance Level 2

Part Ten Grief is a Series of Firsts

Part Eleven Beyond the First Year

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